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Our system provides consumers with the tools to build a team of local experts who will protect their interest and assist them with their trusted experience and knowledge.


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Access a FREE search to find a local realtor, attorney, mortgage officer, insurance agent, CPA,  lawyer, a house cleaner, in-home elder care, painter, plumber, carpenter, electrician, anything they need to buy, sell or maintain a home…all just around the corner. 


More than 40 million people relocate each year, 15 million make significant moves of more than 50 or 100 miles. Fewer than one in six American say that the main reason for a move is work related.

According to the census (51%) people who move do so for housing, another (26%) say that they move for family related reasons: getting married, getting divorced, having children, combining families or because of the death of a spouse. 


Our mission is to create business-building localized reciprocal networks, offering businesses and professionals the opportunity to connect and developing a strong local presence with other businesses and services… all just around the corner. 


Remember ever business person is also a potential consumer or knows someone who is thinking of buying something right now. Nearly 80% of all purchasing decisions are now are being made based upon recommendations by the buyer’s circle of influence peers, business associates, family and friends. 

Hometown Living

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