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Learn how “Hometown Living Network” can get you recommended to local buyers by their family, friends and business associates.

What We Do

solutionOur focus is on all the local services needed to buy, sell, maintain a home, a lifestyle and a business.

We build local business networks on a town by town basis leveraging relationships into a referral network for it’s exclusive members.



How We Do It
Expert Advice on Orange Puzzle on White Background.

Each Hometown network has the local community character of their people and businesses.

We share over 25 years of knowledge, experience and skill on how to get and stay connected with local companies, buyers, sellers and homeowners.


shakehandsSupporting others is the best way by far to build a more successful business network that supports you.

7 Keys To A Local Hometown Living Network
  1. Give expecting nothing in return.
  2. Your network equals your net worth.
  3. Networking is all about who knows you.
  4. Never confuse networking with prospecting.
  5. We achieve our greatest success through our relationship with others.
  6. Strong networks build distribution channels and enhance your reputation.
  7. Networks are like muscle tissue, the more they are engaged, the stronger and more valuable they become.

Listen Why Local Professionals Should Join Their Local Network…

Become A Local Pro

Listen Why Local Buyers Should Use Their Local Hometown Network…

The Signup Process

Your Hometown

home words with keyPeople feel they are most comfortable and connected in their Hometown.

World events constantly shift ones attention. Today, local businesses, tradesmen and professionals must form a local hometown community brand.

How it Works
real_estate_sold2Today, it’s about local, local, local. Real estate is one of the major local connectors in every community.

We connect local businesses, professionals and tradesmen with home; buyers, sellers and owners accessing our free local business directory.


group standingThe people you surround yourself with are as much a determining factor of your success as you are.

We Are All On The Same Team

Only one exclusive member is chosen per their profession, service or trade by each local network.

group handshakeWe give control to each local hometown network letting them collectively choose who represents their community. Every hometown has it’s own unique local hometown URL branded website.

example: newburyportliving.net 

Group of People Holding Hands Around the Word Give

Giving Back Locally

Hometown Living Network is partnering with each of our local cities and towns. The first $1 that Hometown receives from each exclusive member is put aside. Hometown will match and put another $1 aside every month.

At the end of each year these funds are total. There is a potential network donation of $2,400 per year that each local member will vote where these funds are given; a local causes, charities or educational scholarships.

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