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local experts, services and values.


Business Network

We build local business networks on a town by town basis forming a local hometown brand. 


Expert Advice on Orange Puzzle on White Background.Proven Professionals

Only one exclusive member is chosen per their profession, service or trade by each local network.


shakehandsSupporting others is the best way by far to build a more successful business network that supports you.

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Become A Local Pro
Hometown Living Networking - Tips
  1. Give expecting nothing in return.
  2. Your network equals your net worth.
  3. Networking is all about who knows you.
  4. Never confuse networking with prospecting.
  5. We achieve our greatest success through our relationship with others.
  6. Strong networks build distribution channels and enhance your reputation.
  7. Networks are like muscle tissue, the more they are engaged, the stronger and more valuable they become.


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Hometown Directory

Buyers, sellers and home owners can access our free local business directory.


real_estate_sold2Consumer Connection

Consumers access our referral network of local professionals, services and tradesmen.


computer screen teamThe people you surround yourself with are as much a determining factor of your success as you are.

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The Signup Process



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Giving Back Locally

Hometown Living Network is partnering with each of our local cities and towns. The first $1 that Hometown receives from each exclusive member is put aside. Hometown will match and put another $1 aside every month. At the end of each year these funds are total. There is a potential network donation of $2,400 per year that each local member will vote where these funds are given; a local causes, charities or educational scholarships.


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